Jersey Pattern 3.5 lb Tree Felling Axe- Hickory Handle 36 inches of chop

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 Jersey Head Traditional Workhorse Axe.  Buy this only if you plan to fell trees in vintage Levi Denim, leather boots with red shoelaces. 

Look no further than this USA made Tree Felling Axe.

Hand forged in North Carolina, Endeavor hand selected this 3.5 lb axe because of its beauty.  Where this axe has beauty, it also has brawn, with the 3.5 lb -1060 Hand Forged Alloy and a 36 inch curved American Hickory handle.

Premium Made in the USA Traditional Tree Felling Axe.


  • 3.5 Lb Jersey Pattern Axe
  • 1060 Forged Steel
  • Natural Forged Head Finish
  • 36 inch handle
  • Hickory Handle
  • Made in USA