Red Vintage Gym Light

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This is a gym style large diameter hanging pendant.  

This is a red enamel outside, and white enamel on the inside.

The light bulb fixture needs to be wired, or can be wired to suit your light bulb style.  Comes with wire and wire strain relief.  Light has a grate that was used to protect it from balls or objects impacting the light bulb.

It is in fairly good condition, does not have any dents, the enamel is flaking in some spots around the hardware, but is hardly noticeable.

The dome is 21 inches in diameter, and sits about 16 inches tall.

As with all of our vintage products, we do our best to disclose any flaws with pictures and/or description, but know that these items are in true vintage condition.  You are purchasing something with a history and character, and we believe it contributes to its beauty.