Handy Hudson Bay- Light Weight - Belt Hatchet

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This Handy Hudson Bay style hatchet is great for short adventures or hiking through the woods.  Need to quickly fend off an angry badger?  This is your huckleberry.

Impress that Lumber Jane or Jack with this on your hand crafted bespoke leather belt.

Hand forged in North Carolina, Endeavor hand selected this 1.25 lb hudson bay axe because of its beauty. 

Premium Made in the USA, badger defending axe.


  • 1.25 Lb Dayton Head Axe
  • Light Weight - Perfect for Field and Belt Carry
  • 5160 Forged Steel
  • Polished Head
  • 14 inch curved handle
  • Hickory Handle
  • Polished Head
  • Leather Sheath Included
  • Made in USA