About Us

Endeavor Hardware Supply is the passion for camping, outdoors, adventure, exploring, and the tools and hardware needed to make the trek beautiful and hassle-free.  We love vintage gear that embraced design, aesthetic, and use, and want to continue that vision and spirit in our own concepts and promote products that continue to embrace those ideals. Our idea comes from exploring the mountains and recreation areas around the country and finding local hardware stores that still supply outdoors people and locals with all needs for living and adventuring.  We love a unique style, and are passionate about products that embody the American spirit of venturing, conservation, and environmental servitude.

Jason comes from Scouting and Venturing troops and applies his engineering designs and passion in outdoors to unique products he has crafted or designed.  Having ventured to many unique outdoors locations, he has always taken the time to stop into the local bait shop, camping supply, or grocery, that in most small areas serves as the central hub for everything.  Lisa has embraced the outdoor life by raising 4 children in the outdoors, and she pushes our family to adventure and live the life on the trail.  As a family we tent camp over 75 days a year and continue to homeschool and educate ourselves as we grow.  Through many rejuvenating trips and spirited campfire talks, we took the leap to leave our 9-5 jobs and have formed Endeavor hardware to share our passion, develop cool products, and truly live our own outdoor and business adventure story.