Do You Have a Camp Home?  (plus were you our winner?- read and find out!)

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Do You Have a Camp Home? (plus were you our winner?- read and find out!)

Do you have a camp home?  A place you can escape to often, that's not too far away, to just disconnect from the stresses in your life and regroup?  A place you find yourself retreating to, time and time again?  Or do you choose to adventure to new places every time you camp or travel?

We disconnected from the "real world," the past two nights and headed to our camp home- South Mountains State Park in North Carolina.  It's only about ninety minutes away from home for us, and makes an easy escape.  The bathrooms are always clean, there are hot showers, and many of the campsites back right up to the Jacob Fork River- a beautiful shallow river that is refreshing to play in on a hot day.  We've camped here all year round, including January! 


With no cell phone service, we could take the time to work on a few projects and enjoy camp life without distractions.  It was a much needed break. 

South Mountains also has amazing hiking trails -check out High Shoal Falls- a gorgeous water fall within the park- here it is January 2018 when we hiked to it when it was frozen:

and on a warmer day:

With the fantastic hiking trails, the sound of the rushing Jacob Fork River all night while you sleep, the clean bathrooms and hot showers, South Mountains definitely falls into one of our top ten camping in North Carolina with kids destinations!  I'm planning to take my two oldest daughters on a backpacking trip to one of their backcountry campgrounds soon, so I'll update after we hit that campground, too. 

We would love to hear about your camp home!  Drop us an email or a comment and tell us about your "disconnection location."  Maybe we'll add it to our growing must see camp list!


In other news, our giveaway ended for our National Parks checklist print, and the winner is Kevin Hofer!  If you're not Kevin, don't worry- you're still a winner in our books- use coupon code notawinner to save 15% off any of our products through May 12! 


  • Danny Davidson

    Heritage Campground in Vass NC is my camping home for sure, no cell service, no cable, no wi-fi,no modern amenities. No pavement,no concrete to be found anywhere. All sites shady and really no site is in any direction. This place is untouched and left to mother nature do her thing….

  • Aleacia

    Lake James SP is our camp home. A few times a year we paddle our kayaks to their boat in campsites and spend the rest of our trip sitting round the fire, swimming in the lake, and looking at the stars on night kayak trips. Can’t wait to hear about your backpacking trip!

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